The Russians Are Coming

A 10-member, Russian-led team of inspectors visited Dyess AFB, Tex., on May 29 to check up on the 7th Bomb Wing’s compliance with the terms of the current Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The team spent about eight hours scrutinizing the wing’s B-1B bombers and weapons storage areas to ensure there were no nuclear-capable air launched cruise missiles present and the B-1s had no capacity to carry them. Mike Simpson, Dyess’ treaty compliance officer, said the visiting team found the base to be in compliance, according to a base release. Under the treaty, teams of inspectors are allowed to visits specific military installations twice per year on a short-notice basis to ensure compliance. US teams make similar visits to sites in the former Soviet Union. START expires at the end of the year. The US has begun discussion with Russia with the goal of reaching agreement on further nuclear force cuts (see “Often Overlooked and Little Understood” above).