Time Saver

Rescue forces from Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., earlier this month conducted the base’s first multilift HC-130 airdrop on its own flightline. HC-130 aircrew from the active duty 79th Rescue Squadron practiced with pararescue jumpers from Air Force Reserve Command’s 943rd Rescue Group so that the latter could accomplish their jump training requirements. In the past, such exercises have been conducted at more remote locations, with the long transit times limiting the amount of training per flight. But use of the Davis-Monthan flightline enabled “accomplishing literally several months’ worth of training” in a single day, said Lt. Col. Michael Hinsch, 79th RQS director of operations. During the Aug. 15 exercise, the PJs were able to complete seven drops from different altitudes. This flightline exercise was “very successful,” said Hinsch. “We hope to complete this type of event on a regular basis,” he said. (Davis-Monthan report by SSgt. Tim Beckham)