Transfer Agent

Beginning today, the Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph AFB, Tex., is taking on a new mission to improve the accountability of medical records and aid in the timely processing of veterans’ disability claims. Starting with Randolph as a test base, AFPC will now collect and then transfer the medical and dental treatment records of airmen who left the service after Sept. 1 to the proper servicing Department of Veterans Affairs location. Barbara Duggan of AFPC’s records branch quality assurance said this is “an initiative to ensure complete health treatment records and any late-flowing documents are sent to the VA” so that they are not the cause of holding up an airman’s VA disability claim. AFPC will act as the airman’s advocate if records are misrouted during the transfer process. AFPC said the new mission will soon provide accountability for medical and dental records for all retired or separated active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve airmen. The effective start date for Guard and Reserve members will be announced later this year. (AFPC report by MSgt. Kat Bailey)