Tunnel Complexes in Visor

The Air Force Research Lab seeks input from industry by Feb. 1 on innovative non-nuclear concepts and technology that could be available in the next 20 years to functionally defeat well-defended, hardened and deeply buried targets. Functionally defeat means to deny or disrupt the enemy’s use of the HDBT—usually some protected underground bunker—for some period of time, if not destroy it outright, according to AFRL’s request for information. For the purpose of the solicitation, the HDBT is a key command, control, and communication node within a tunnel complex built into the base of a granite mountain. Among its attributes, the complex has two portals, with 60 meters of granite over both portals. AFRL said it would place emphasis on concepts that “current or projected delivery platforms” like manned or unmanned strike aircraft, could deliver “to the HDBT or its close vicinity.” The lab provisionally eyes a proof-of-concept demonstration circa 2031.