Two C-17 Squadrons Will Stand Down

?Air Mobility Command will stand down two C-17 squadrons over the next two years and move the units’ 16 total airplanes into backup status as part of a cost-saving plan laid out in Fiscal 2015 defense legislation, announced the command on Monday. Officials will inactivate the 17th Airlift Squadron at JB Charleston, S.C., in this fiscal year, followed by the 10th AS at JB Lewis-McChord, Wash., next fiscal year, according to AMC’s Dec. 22 release. Each squadron operates eight C-17s. Moving these aircraft from the Air Force’s primary aircraft inventory to its backup aircraft inventory is expected to save the service approximately $110 million per year since BAI assets are not assigned personnel or flying hours, states the release. AMC’s goal, however, is to return these C-17s to PAI status at some point and transfer them to the reserve components, said Maj. Gen. Michael Stough, AMC’s director of strategic plans, requirements, and programs. “We’re working with our Air National Guard partners to do that, perhaps even as early as Fiscal 2016,” he said. Back in 1993, the 17th AS became the first operational unit to receive the C-17. (See also Charleston release and McChord release.)