Unfunded, Broadly

The Air Force’s $5.5 billion unfunded priorities list, which went to Congress March 27, was remarkably broad in describing where additional monies would go if the service got more than its formal Fiscal 2016 budget request. While the other services sent Congress multi-page matrixes of specific programs (e.g., F-18s and F-35s for the Navy and Marine Corps, facilities upgrades and training money for the Army), USAF offered a one-page summary. It noted needs of $868 million for readiness (training, exercises, range improvements, simulators); $2.43 billion in procurement (mostly for upgrades to existing platforms); $1.3 billion for force structure (space launch vehicles and additional C-130 variant aircraft), and $873 million for installation support, including acceleration of military construction projects, fixing real property that has not received needed maintenance in recent years and base communication. USAF’s list was broken down by component, with about $3.3 billion to the Active Duty, $2.1 billion to the Air National Guard, and $93 million for the Reserve. All the force structure funds would support Active Component activities.