Updated Doctrine Issued

The Air Force has updated its two capstone doctrine documents. The new version of Air Force Doctrine Document 1, Air Force Basic Doctrine, Organization, and Command, reflects the fact that “much has transpired in the world since the previous edition” in November 2003, writes Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz in the document’s foreword. Among its revisions, the new document, dated Oct. 14, thoroughly discusses the concepts of airpower and airmindedness and adds discussions absent in previous versions on topics like cyberspace operations and nuclear support integration, said service officials. It also includes expanded discussions of Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve integration, especially in a homeland context. The new version of AFDD 1-1, Leadership and Force Development, issued on Nov. 8, supplants the previous iteration from February 2006. Among its changes is an expanded definition of “airman.” It states: “When addressing a larger audience within the service, the term airman now includes all uniformed members of the Air Force . . . as well as Department of the Air Force civilians.” (SAF/PA release) (See also Donley-Schwartz-Roy memorandum.) (AFDD 1 full text and AFDD 1-1 full text; caution, large-sized files.)