Upgraded Compass Calls Fly at Davis-Monthan

The first two EC-130H Compass Call aircraft with upgraded “glass” cockpits have returned to operations at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., with two more expected soon. The entire EC-130 fleet is scheduled to receive the new liquid crystal displays as part of a three-year, $45 million program, according to an Air Force release. The upgrade will make the aircraft “more effective in combat” along with complying with updated federal and international aviation regulations. “With the new upgrades, we can grab the information with the push of a button,” said Maj. Gerardo Sanchez, the 42nd Electronic Combat Squadron assistant director of operations, in the release. “It increases the pilot’s situational awareness tenfold.” The 55th Electronic Combat Group at Davis-Monthan has established a new training program for the upgrade, with all flight deck personnel expected to be trained by March.