US Intelligence: Russian Rockets Struck Ukraine

? The United States accused Russia of aiding pro-Russia separatist rebels in Ukraine by firing rockets into Ukrainian territory from positions in Russia. The State Department released satellite imagery from last week that it claimed showed rocket impacts near Ukrainian troops caused by Russian rockets firing across the two nations’ border, reported Radio Free Europe on July 27. Russian officials quickly refuted the allegations. On Monday, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said Russia has continued to mass troops and equipment on the Ukrainian border, and its flow of military materiel to separatists has not stopped. “Last week, we saw a column of over 100 Russian vehicles moving into Ukraine,” said Warren. That was the largest movement of vehicles so far in the conflict, he said. “It is a substantial enough number that is a great concern to us,” he added. American intelligence has detected separatists “participating in training activities” around Rostov, Russia, further supporting claims that the Russians are training separatists in the operation of heavy military equipment, he said.