US Joins Peacekeeping Exercise

Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa sent a multi-service US team of trainers, planners, communications specialists, and medical personnel to help nine African partner nations sharpen their skills in conducting peacekeeping missions. The US team joined the African partners at the Tanzanian Peacekeeping Training Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for the Eastern Accord 2016 exercise July 11-22. About 200 military and civilian personnel participated in the coalition-building event. The annual exercise, led by US Army Africa, proved to be a learning experience for the team members as well as their regional partners. “Back in HOA, I do theatre-wide communications planning and this exercise gives me a strategic overview on how to plan multi-national peacekeeping operations and how communications fit inside of the overarching operation,” Air Force 1st Lt. Adam Byne, CTJF-HOA plans officer, said. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”