US Marine Gunships Fly CAS in Libya

Marine Corps helicopters began flying close air support for Libyan Government of National Accord-affiliated troops during an assault on ISIS over the weekend. The Marine AH-1W SuperCobra helicopters flew as part of a nine-strike package hitting ISIS targets in Sirte, The Washington Post reported. Before the SuperCobras flew over the weekend, strikes in Libya had been conducted by fixed-wing aircraft, such as AV-8B Harriers or remotely piloted aircraft. The SuperCobras are effective fighting in dense, urban areas such as the parts of the city currently held by ISIS, a US defense official told the Post. The US on Monday continued its airstrikes in Sirte, hitting one ISIS supply truck and 10 fighting positions in three strike sorties, bringing the total number of strikes to 77 since Operation Odyssey Lightning began Aug. 1, US Africa Command announced.