USAF RDT&E Highlights

The Air Force’s major programs for Fiscal 2017 research, development, test and evaluation collectively see a $2.3 billion boost over the enacted 2016 budget. Science and technology accounts remain flat at about $2.5 billion, but several programs increased sharply. The Long-Range Strike Bomber doubled to $1.36 billion; updates for the F-22 Raptor increase from $232 million to $388 million. Developments for the F-15E increased from $206 million to $357 million, and the Presidential Aircraft Replacement (Air Force One) more than quadrupled to $351 million. The Combat Rescue Helicopter development doubled from $156 million to $319 million in the FY17 request. Some of the increases were offset by the wind-down of the F-35’s engineering and manufacturing development effort, which declined from $587 million in FY16 to $450 million in the FY17 request.