USAF vs. Godzilla

Seven. That’s the number of personnel and aircraft the 18th Wing at Kadena AB, Japan, would need to mount a cohesive offensive against Godzilla, 18th Wing spokesman MSgt. Jason Edwards told Smithsonian’s Air and Space Magazine. The unit, which is the largest combat wing in the Air Force, recently expressed confidence in its readiness to fend off the 350-foot-tall monster, in the tongue in cheek interview. “Kadena is the keystone of the Pacific,” said Edwards. “Due to our strategic location, we are able to quickly respond to any threat in the region, to include Godzilla, should he come to Japan.” Edwards did say the unit’s strategy would differ from usual USAF protocol. “I think Godzilla would be expecting an aerial attack, so to catch him off-guard, I think we’d need 4,000 Segways and slingshots.” He also says that super strength, the ability to breathe underwater, and “atomic breath” would not at all hinder the unit’s ability to successfully complete the mission. “As I understand it, our rescue personnel do have those abilities and have used them in previous ops and have never ran into any problems with it in the past,” Edwards said. (Watch the full interview.)