Utilizing the Reserve Force

Air Force Reserve officials have released new guidelines meant to make Reservists more accessible and help reduce stress on the Total Force. Lt. Gen. Charles Stenner, AFR chief, outlined the new approach in “Total Force 21: Part II,” a new white paper. “Total Force 21 offers assured access, potential cost savings, and operational efficiencies,” said Stenner. “After nearly 10 years of combat operations, our nation relies on our Reservists to accomplish critical daily operations as well as strategic surges. This new effort will integrate our people and units into future plans that will rebalance the Total Force mix of regular and Reserve component airmen.” Reservist volunteerism remains a key part of utilizing the Reserve force under the paper, which sets the goal of having a 1:5 ratio of deployment-to-dwell times for Reservists. (Washington, D.C., report by Col. Bob Thompson and Lt. Col. Kim Ponders) (White paper full document)