Version 1.0

When US Cyber Command is fully functional next month, it will be “version 1.0” and continue to evolve over time, said Army Gen. Keith Alexander, CYBERCOM’s boss, Thursday. Testifying before House lawmakers, Alexander said the biggest question facing the command is, “how we are going to organize our forces.” He suggested setting up a joint cyber operations task force that would work with the command as well as combatant commanders. He also said it’s vital that each service doesn’t go in its own direction. As a result, there is only one school in the entire Defense Department that trains cyber operators and, if more schools are needed, they will operate from the same standards, he said. Alexander said CYBERCOM officials also are trying to figure out how to retain cyber operators once they are trained. “Our preference is to not cycle them through their jobs like they do in most careers in the military, but to keep them in place longer,” he said.