Viper Olympics

F-16s from Misawa AB, Japan, wrapped up Exercise Eager Tiger where they flew against Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16s and Marine Corps F-18s in northern Jordan. Pilots, crew chiefs, and weapon loaders squared off for combat strike, quick-launch scramble, and weapon-loading events, according to a US Central Command release. “Even if it is a friendly competition … we get better as a result of it,” said Brig. Gen. Kevin Schneider, commander of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southwest Asia. “Should we actually have to go into combat together, we won’t assume the other F-16 users are going to employ the F-16 in the exact same way we do,” added Jordan’s Prince Faisal bin al Hussein, who established the event. “Here, we can learn from the strengths and weaknesses of each country and use that to our benefit,” he said. US participants included Misawa’s 13th Fighter Squadron and Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 from MCAS Miramar, Calif. Eager Tiger ran from May 12 to May 15.