Warthog’s Afghan Swansong?

A-10s from Whiteman AFB, Mo., recently deployed to Bagram AB, Afghanistan, on what is likely the type’s last fling over Afghanistan before offensive combat operations cease in December. Air Force Reserve Command A-10s from Whiteman relieved Warthogs of the 75th Fighter Squadron from Moody AFB, Ga., on a six-month rotation starting earlier this month. “This one’s longer than normal deployments for the Reserves … we’re here, possibly, as the last rotation of A-10s,” said Lt. Col. John Marks, 303rd Fighter Squadron assistant operations director, in an April 23 video release. This deployment marks the fifth time the unit has deployed to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, according to a release. “There is a lot of history in this squadron, from Iraq all the way to Afghanistan,” added Maj. Mark Loranger, unit assistant training director. The unit’s A-10s arrived at Bagram early in April.