Warthogs Find New Home at Davis-Monthan

Five A-10s that, until earlier this year, were assigned to the 81st Fighter Squadron at Spangdahlem, AB, Germany, have found a new home at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., according to a base release. The A-10s arrived on Oct. 25 at the Arizona base, where they will fly henceforth with the 354th Fighter Squadron, states the Oct. 29 release. Spang’s 81st FS flew its last A-10 sorties in May, and then the Air Force inactivated the squadron in June as part of its Fiscal 2013 force structure changes. For the interim, these five A-10s went to Moody AFB, Ga. Davis-Monthan pilots traveled to Moody to fly the A-10s to Arizona. The five A-10s are replacing five older A-10s that are destined for the Air Force’s aircraft boneyard at Davis-Monthan, states the release. (ACC release A1C Saphfire Cook)