Warthogs Everywhere

Members of the 74th Fighter Squadron, an A-10 ground-attack unit at Moody AFB, Ga., conducted surge operations over three days in late April to help prepare themselves for upcoming phase II operational readiness exercises. The surge test was meant to gauge the squadron’s ability to simulate wartime flying rates. A successfully generated flight is considered to be a single sortie. While the unit set the goal of flying a total of 138 sorties in that span, they ended up conducting 205—67 sorties more than planned. “I’ve been flying this jet since 1996, and I’ve never seen a unit produce this many sorties,” said Lt. Col. James Clark, 74th FS commander. To reach 205 sorties meant that each of the squadron’s pilots spent at least five hours a day flying the aircraft. (Moody report by SrA. Frances Locquiao)