Watching the North

US and Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft and personnel deployed to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Oct. 17-21 for a NORAD-led exercise. The aim of Exercise Vigilant Shield 17 is to carry out air sovereignty operations in the far north and high Arctic to demonstrate the countries’ ability to detect and meet threats in the remote area, according to a NORAD release. The Oregon Air National Guard’s 142nd Fighter Wing deployed F-15s, but a variety of aircraft, including the CF-18 Hornet, CH-149 Cormorant, CC-130H Hercules, F-22 Raptor, E-3 Sentry, and USAF KC-135, are also taking part in the exercise. The Canadian Army also deployed personnel for security support. “This is one of a series of times, through progressively more complicated exercises over the past few years, where aircraft and personnel from both Canada and the United States can come together to operate and support each other successfully at multiple forward operating locations,” said Maj. Tristan McKee, the Canadian detachment commander, according to the release.