We Want Your Nukes, Stop Questioning

Air Force tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Europe are of “enormous political value” reassuring newer NATO members and the US government should stop questioning that value, said former National Security Council policy director Franklin Miller. NATO stressed the importance of the US’s extended nuclear deterrence in its 2010 strategic concept and reiterated its importance again in 2012, noted Miller in a May 13 speech sponsored by AFA, the National Defense Industrial Association, and the Reserve Officers Association. “Those of you who have long-term relationships … know that it doesn’t really work to keep asking ‘do you love me?'” he said. In light of Russian military aggression in Ukraine, its violation of existing arms treaties, and its assertive nuclear modernization, “you’re not going to convince those guys” they don’t need our nukes. “When you look at the newer members of the alliance whose borders touch on Russia, who are targeted by Russia in exercises, who listen to Russian pronouncements saying [when] you build that [ballistic missile defense] site, you have become a nuclear target, it is obvious,” said Miller.