GBU-31/32/38 JDAM

JDAM is a GPS/INS-guided, autonomous, all-weather surface attack weapon. The joint USAF-Navy program upgrades the existing inventory of general-purpose bombs by adding a GPS/INS guidance kit for accurate all-weather attack from medium/high altitudes. The weapons acquire targeting information from the aircraft’s avionics. After release, an inertial guidance kit directs the weapon, aided by periodic GPS updates. JDAM seeker/tail kits can be mounted on general-purpose or penetrating warheads in each weight class. JDAM can also utilize the 500-lb carbon fiber-cased Very Low Collateral Damage Weapon (VLCDW) for sensitive targets. A JDAM kit is under development for the 5,000-lb BLU-113 penetrating weapon, slated for integration and flight-testing on the F-15E. The Advanced 2,000-lb (A2K) BLU-137/B weapon is also being developed for integration onto the F-15E and B-2A. A2K will improve both precision and penetration to strike a wider variety of targets, eventually replacing the BLU-109 bunker buster. JDAM-class weapons are the most frequent airto-ground munition expended in combat. FY21 procures 10,000 guidance kits to keep pace with current operations, following surge-production to replenished stocks depleted over Iraq and Syria. USAF is procuring an upgraded tail kit with anti-jam receiver for use in GPS degraded conditions under an Urgent Operational Requirement. The service is also seeking to develop a lighter-weight successor class of weapons incorporating IR/GPS guidance, maneuvering wings, stealth, and EW capabilities. Testers are currently working to integrate the GBU-38 for operational use on the F-35.

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