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Under the tutelage of Air Force advisors, Lt. Faiz Ramaki on Feb. 23 became the first Afghan National Army Air Corps pilot qualified to fly his nation’s new C-27 transports. On that day, he completed his check ride from Kabul that culminated his initial qualification process. He will now begin flying operational missions throughout Afghanistan as he works toward his mission qualification. Lt. Col. Paul Bedesem, instructor pilot with USAF’s 538th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron described Ramaki as “very intelligent” and “a quick learner.” After completing his check flight, Ramaki said: “I really appreciate my aircrew buddies and all they do helps Afghanistan and the Air Corps.” The ANAAC currently has three pilots undergoing C-27 initial qualification. Combined with the four loadmasters being qualified, it should have its first-ever qualified C-27 aircrew available this spring. (Kabul report by Petty Officer 1st Class Elizabeth Burke)