Widow of F-22 Pilot Sues Aircraft Maker

Anna Haney, the widow of F-22 pilot Capt. Jeffrey Haney, who was killed when his aircraft crashed in Alaska in November 2010, is suing Lockheed Martin and several other contractors for her husband’s death. The 153-page complaint, filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill., alleges that the aircraft was “unreasonably defective,” citing failures with the onboard oxygen-generating system, environmental control system, and other life-support systems meant to provide breathable oxygen to the pilot. The suit also alleges that the aircraft was “designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold in a dangerous and defective condition,” because such failures were overlooked. Lockheed Martin spokeswoman Stephanie Stinn told the Daily Report that the Haney’s accident was “a tragic event” and that the company “sympathizes with the family for their loss.” However, she said, “We do not agree with those allegations and we will respond to them through the appropriate legal process.” The Air Force, which is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, declined to comment. Air Force investigators determined that Haney’s failure to initiate a timely dive recovery was the most direct cause of his fatal crash. The Pentagon’s inspector general is currently reviewing those findings to determine whether the investigation followed proper procedures. (Anna Haney’s complaint; caution, very large-sized file.)