Willow Grove’s Last Hog Deployment?

Airmen of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard’s 111th Fighter Wing at Willow Grove may have made the unit’s last deployment with its A-10 Warthogs, serving in Afghanistan for the past 45 days. Under BRAC 2005 provisions, the wing lost its A-10s and will start dispersing them next spring. Wing members deployed to Bagram Air Base under the 103rd Expeditionary Fighter Squadron dropped more than 30,000 pounds of ordnance and fired more than 25,000 cannon rounds during close air support missions. Some unit members were on their second deployments to Bagram, including Lt. Col. Thomas Fennell, who said, “Everyone focuses on the task at hand and the things we can control vs. those we can’t.” He added, though, “It saddens me that they are eliminating a combat squadron—a very capable one.” (Bagram report by SSgt. Rachel Martinez)