With USAF Assistance, Uganda Aims High

A delegation of 17th Air Force officials, led by Vice Commander Brig. Gen. Mike Callan, traveled in late May to Entebbe, Uganda, to discuss ongoing cooperative activities and potential future engagement with the Ugandan army and air force. Callan said there is already good military-to-military engagement between the two nations, and “as we look down the road, discussions at the senior level will better guide the nature, scope, and timing for future events.” Maj. Gen. JB Owoyesigire, commander of the Ugandan People’s Defence Air Force, said his nation is building its air arm and would like US support. Owoyesigire highlighted his desire for expanded training and engagement opportunities in areas like military education. He said he’d like to establish a Ugandan academy for air force officers. (Entebbe report by Maj. Paula Kurtz)