Woodward to Lead BMT Investigation

Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward, acting director of operational planning, policy, and strategy on the Air Staff, will oversee a command-directed investigation into “sexual and other abuse-of-power misconduct” at Basic Military Training and all other Air Education and Training Command initial and technical training units, announced service officials. AETC boss Gen. Edward Rice appointed Woodward after a string of misdeeds by trainers, including sexual misconduct, came to light earlier this month that led to the Air Force firing some eight percent of the BMT instructor corps in the past year. “The vast majority of our military training team abides by the standards of conduct set forth for the men and women charged with the responsibility of training our force,” stated Rice in a June 22 AETC release. However, he said identifying and correcting such misconduct is a top priority. “Misconduct, particularly when committed by faculty or staff with trainees or students, undermines an entire team, damages good order and discipline, and threatens the trust the American people have in us as professionals and as an institution. It will not be tolerated,” said Rice. (San Antonio-Randolph report by SSgt. Clinton Atkins)