World War II Veteran Receives Delayed Distinguished Flying Cross

Retired Maj. Joe Campbell was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross on May 18 for his actions as a B-29 Superfortress pilot during the Korean War. The honor was presented by Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing commander, at a ceremony near Barksdale AFB, La. “Our mission was in support of one of the largest air combat operations in Korea, but before the operation could be launched, up-to-date intelligence was needed and that’s where we came in,” Campbell said, according to a press release. “Our crew was sent out alone, over enemy territory to verify a target, and gather intelligence.” Campbell was selected for the Distinguished Flying Cross soon after the mission, but the paperwork was lost. His family discovered the oversight recently in conversation with Barksdale officials as they began making end of life arrangements for Campbell, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. According to the release, Campbell worked as both a pilot and navigator in the Air Force.