X-48C on Display at Edwards Museum

The Boeing-built X-48C blended-body-wing research aircraft last week went on display at the Air Force Flight Test Museum at Edwards AFB, Calif., according to a museum release. The aircraft is on loan to the museum while the Air Force Research Lab, Boeing, and NASA seek additional research opportunities for it, states Edwards’ Aug. 21 release. “Putting the X-48C in the museum not only allows us to share its accomplishments with the public, but it also keeps it in a near-flight configuration such that if we do get more research funding, we can pull it right back out and take it down to the flight line,” said Michael Kisska, Boeing’s X-48B/C project manager. The aircraft has flown 122 mission to date—30 in the current configuration and 92 in the earlier B model set-up that carried a third engine and winglet rutters. (Edwards report by Rebecca Amber)