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    Vol. 100, No. 06

  • Editorial: Editorial: Stretch Mobility

    Excessive demand grinds away at USAF’s mobility force.

  • USAF Almanac 2017

  • The Air Force in Facts and Figures

  • Major Commands and Air Reserve Components

  • FOAs, DRUs, and Auxiliary

  • Guide to Air Force Installations Worldwide

  • Gallery of USAF Weapons

  • Leaders Through the Years

  • Guide to Aces and Heroes

  • Life at Bagram

    As the number of US military forces in country declines, much still stays the same.

  • Aperture

    Zoomie in charge; A long road back; Chinese stealth; Not the one, but the many ....

  • Letters

  • Forward Deployed

    The tyranny of distance; Singular circumstances; Bolstering security; Supporting Somalia ....

  • Action in Congress

    All Mattis on Deck

  • Verbatim

  • Screenshot


  • Air Force World

  • Infographic

    What is the Intelligence Community?

  • Namesakes: McConnell

  • The Canberra

    It began as an RAF aircraft, but USAF knew it as the B-57.

  • Chapter News

  • ​​​​​​